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"After surgery while I was still in the hospital, I had an abbreviated Directional Healing session. For me the results were very subtle, like an "aha" experience. Before the session I was in a lot of pain and was focused on that pain. After the session, I realized that after surgery when asked about my pain level by the post-op nurse, I said on a scale of one to ten with ten being the worst pain ever, I was a three. After the DH session, I realized that I might want to be a little more realistic about the pain I was feeling. The result was that my pain level got under control very quickly." PG, Decatur, GA

"My dad was in hospice and was very uncomfortable. We were at a point where we needed to make some decisions. A directional healing session seemed to help him find a sense of peace and calmness making is easier to make those decisions." SQ, Ormond Beach, FL

"My husband had flu-like symptoms and I asked Rita if she would work on him remotely and she said she needed his permission. He is normally quite a skeptic so I was surprised when he agreed. (Guess he was really wanting some relief.) Within three hours he was out working in the yard and felling much better." EW, Jackson, MS

"Before a Directional Healing session I was keeping myself distracted with piles of papers on my kitchen table. I spent most of many days shuffling the same papers and not seeing much progress. Shortly after the session, I started working on what was on the table and in less than 24 hours it was clear." JM, Atlanta, GA