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"It feeds my soul when clients come back and say, 'I have mobility.'"

Yoga - with you in mind

Group Class

If you have had difficulty in the past with a yoga class, this might be the class for you. My classes are developed and tailored to the needs of the class members. We practice a basic, gentle Hatha yoga - perfect for someone just starting out in yoga, coming back to yoga or who has special needs (for example, classes has been developed for students with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia).

One-on-one instruction
Private Yoga - Casselberry

I have been trained in private instruction for Hatha Yoga and will create a personalized practice for your body and goals. Why might Private Lessons be for you?

◦Beginners might benefit the most because of the attention to detail. In group settings, there may not enough time to receive all the instructions necessary or to truly get a sense of what to do.

◦Convenience: Making sure you are on time to join a group of other yogis might not be your thing.

◦Specialization: Practitioners who desire focus on a particular part of their practice can hone in on specific poses, transitions, or other techniques you are looking to deepen.

Your Lesson:

The private instruction will be tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Typically a lesson will consist of:

◾Discussion of intentions and goals for the lesson

◾Warm up based on your specific goals

◾Your tailored series or focus

◾Exercises and instruction to use on your own time or in group classes.

Offered in the Casselberry Area.


•$40 for a one hour lesson

•$100 for a package of 3 private lessons Couples Rates: •$70 for a one hour lesson •$180 for a package of 3 private lessons

Send a message or call me at 770.883.1918 to schedule a private lesson.